Health Care


100% NATURAL !

Sanodyna is a solution based on ECA technology from fine salt (NaCl) and soft water (H2O), which is harmless to humans, animals and the environment.



Safe for everyone, from children to the elderly people. Do not irritate the skin!




In eliminating bacteria, dangerous viruses,…in your place, and you can use it anytime, anywhere.


Live healthy with Sanodyna

Health is always a top priority. Today’s health products mainly contain chemicals and detergents. When sprayed on the surface, the detergent is difficult to clean completely, remains on the surface and comes into contact with the human body through inhalation, skin or entering food during use.

Sanodyna is the optimal solution for human health, leading to a safe and clean life.

Sanodyna has many applications in the health field:

  • Deodorant extremely effective body. Spray on body areas such as the hands, under the hands, feet, and clothing to eliminate odors and kill bacteria.
  • Hygiene of household appliances, personal beauty equipment such as phones, toothbrushes, phones, helmets, shoes, bags, clothes …
  • Effective for the treatment of diseases such as Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Pharyngitis, Chickenpox, Shingles, Dermatitis, gynecological infections, Foot and mouth, Bad breath, Underarm odor, Scalp fungus, etc,…

Usage: Spray directly on the surface or area to be disinfected, deodorize, spray in the mouth to deodorize after eating, smoking, drinking alcohol, … Or dilute the solution with clean water in a ratio of 50 / 50 to clean the area that needs disinfecting, deodorizing, killing viruses.


Food and Seafood Processing

Water plays a particularly important role in the processing of food and aquatic products. Water used for washing, heating, freezing and processing. The use of Sanodyna ensures that water and food are naturally disinfected but highly effective and does not affect the sensory and quality properties of the food.

  • Disinfect & Deodorize: Sanodyna kills dangerous bacteria immediately. Therefore, the odor caused by bacteria immediately disappears.
  • Ensuring hygiene for all stages in processing (cutting, washing, packaging, freezing, …) without leaving chemical residues on food surfaces.
  • Disinfect equipment, sterilize containers, vegetables, fish. Ensuring the freshness and increasing the preservation time of food by eliminating fermented bacteria, changing the quality of food: Salmonella, E.Coli, …
  • Sanodyna helps kill harmful bacteria that cause digestive and respiratory diseases to humans.
  • Sanodyna is also used to produce bactericidal ice, preserving meat, fish and seafood.

Why do we need to use Sanodyna?

Safe: non-toxic, antibiotic-free, alcohol-free and no foaming.
Effective: in eliminating the dangerous bacteria hiding in your home.
Friendly: 100% natural, absolutely safe for humans.
Convenient: use daily, compact, spray regularly to remove bacteria from the surface most effectively.